Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last post from Zambia

This will be the last post from Zambia as we leave the Hot springs at 6.00am tomorrow morning to start the return trip to the UK and will not have any access to the internet after tonight.

The last two days have be very hot, at one point yesterday it was 36 degree's to hot for most members to work in this hot sun, but with the help of the local builders, who have being working with us the job is done. The roof is on the small classroom, which is were we hoped to be before we left Kapisha school.

The young people of IX09 will be leaving more than we said we would do 18 months ago at the start of this project. We have a building 27m long, its has two classrooms, both up to roof level and the truss's in place, the smaller of the two also has a roof on it today.

By the end of August everything will be finished. The 8 and 9 years will be therefore using our building when the new school year starts in September. With out IX09 all of them would have needed to travel 22km to school.

This morning we handed the new classrooms over to the school, the whole event lasted over 3hrs, at least most of this time we were in the shade, so the sun was not to much of a problem today.

We have being able to drop the camp this afternoon, as Mark has given us the use of lodges to in sleeping tonight. So the tents are packed away, the last dinner finished. The 11hr bus journey to look forward to.

Goodbye from Zambia



  1. what a fantastic achievement you should all be very proud of yourselves.You will all have some fantasic memories to bring home with you. A special thanks to the leaders who have made it all possible. Missing you loads Jonny can't wait to see you on sunday hope the journey isn't to bad.


    Mam, Dad & Abi

  2. Hi Katie and Laura!

    Well done for completing! Have a safe journey home. Then back to normal in Newcastle.

    Laura - thank you for all of your stories and messages and of course laughs!

    We've been to St. James' this morning to sign the book of condolence for Sir Bobby and see all of the tributes.

    Take care.


  3. Congratulations to you all. What a fantastic achievement especially in that heat - and a great experience too I'm sure. You all have a lot to be proud of.
    Safe journey home.
    Chris May

  4. What a brilliant effort and fantastic result! Every single one of you can be justifiably chuffed to bits. It just goes to show that we have some excellent leaders of the future in our young people. I know you will be tired and aching - even more so by the time you get home - but this is an achievement to remember for the rest of your lives. Well done everyone.

    By the way, Katie - you have a tidy room here too. Loads of love. Mam & Dad xxx

  5. Heeey Katie!

    At Sarahs right now having a catch up before she goes away!

    Wow mammy n Daddy have tidied your room, won't stay that way for long will it?

    Congrats to you all for completing the classrooms you must have all worked so hard!

    Can't wait to see you when you get home, the bottle of Vod calling your name for monday :)

    Love you lots
    Claire and Sarah

  6. Brilliant. Thanks for all the photos and updates. Congrats to you all.

    Pamela X

  7. on behalf of northumberland and Durham District Girls Brigade a heartfelt thanks to all the leaders both GB and Scouts for your time and effort but especially to all the young people who are indeed our future. Well done. majority of people live all their lives without making a dfference to anybody but you have all made more of a difference in 3 weeks both to the children and staff of the school but in particula you have made a difference to yourselves. Nothing is now unachievable to you. Well done i'm very proud and very emotional for you all.

    God Bless and thanks to you all

    Gloria Ghent.

  8. Hola Steph
    Photos look great especially the Nunthorpe Flag, Maureen will be thrilled. Fantastic job done by all. Well done. If your bar bill is not too large, you may have enough money left to buy a few pressies for Charlies friends too, just in case!!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, big hug & kisses Love ya Mum & Dad

  9. Well done all of you, so proud, getting a lump in my throat just reading the posts. God bless you all.
    Tom, Karen, Natalie and Lucy Cree (Sam's family.)
    P.S. Can't wait to see you Sam, we will be travelling home almost the same time.

  10. Hi all
    Well done to everyone involved in this fantastic project, the school is looking brilliant and I'm sure come the start of the new school year it will be put to great use. Hope you have a safe journey back and looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday,
    Karen, Peter & Jack
    PS Ashleigh, glad to see you're still smiling xx