Friday, August 7, 2009


Hey guys!

Hope you had a good drive from camp, i heard you left late :( i bet it is some much more exciting on the roads in the dark!

I'm sorry I can't meet you at Eureka to travel home with you I'm absolutly gutted that im in South Africa! :'( I am ok though, i have been thourily prodded and stabbed here in Joberg and have some great new bruises to show you guys! ;) Hopefully I will be allowed home soon!

You will have to take lots of photos so i don't miss too much!

Katie I am sorry I cant sit next to you on the flight home, but i am sure someone will be nice and not tell you the reality of flying in a glorified tin can, although max and nobby have some interesting views on that! :P

Laura don't forget to be nice on the way home no matter how little sleep you get! Bad times that I can't come home with you! :(

Steph, Max and Barney I will see you when I get back, which hopefully will be soon (fingers crossed) (although i could get used to the chocolate brownies they keep feeding me :D)

Thank you Doreen and Dave you are both awesome, i miss being able to look at dave when they stab me with needles but i do think of you when they do so it makes me laugh :D , and i think i finally understand your logic behind you sending me here, dont get me wrong i still wish you hadn't but atleast now I understand! Maybe if you have a long enough stop over you could come visit me! (I think i am driving Sue crazy :S)

However to be honest all the leaders have been great, i am sorry for being such a pain :(

I will see everyone else when we have our IX09 reunion! (Hint hint leaders)

Missing you all already! Hope to see you soon!

Love Lotti xxxx

P.S. On a brighter note i have another stamp in my passport! YEY! :D And i have a postcard from another country on my list!

P.P.S. Steph please can you get me a postcard from Zambia and Kenya! Pretty please with a cherry on top :)


  1. Hi Lotti
    Great to hear you are ok, thankfully Sue is keeping us up to date with your progress, maybe you can email Dad now you have access to a computer and are well enough to use it. Hope you are allowed to travel soon, speak to you when I get the hospital No. Hugs & Kisses, lots & lots of love. Mum

  2. Hey mum I'm ok it is all quite exciting! I will try and send dad an email next chance I get! Not on a comp right now :P oh how I love technology when I get home I am going to buy a blackberry! ;) say hello to laura and jonny for me when you pick steph up because I can't talk to her and I miss my little bro and big sis! Missing you and can't wait to come home! Love you loads, Lotti xxx

  3. Hi Lotti,
    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better I know Laura was worried about you, and will be thinking about you
    Love from Laura's mumx

  4. Hi Lotti
    Glad to hear you're feeling better, I just want to know what's wrong, and why are you in South Africa?


  5. Hey laura's mum! I spoke to laura today so hopefully she isn't as worried! I can't believe how much I miss everyone from camp! Especially my new dysfuntional family!

    Alan, I am also glad I am feeling better, the docs think I have a virus or infection or something, but I am on the mend so should be allowed home soon! I am currently on an iv with 'jet fuel' being pumped into me so I am full of energy! Joburg is great everyone is so friendly and the hospital is first class! Even the food is good!

    Message to all team members, I hope you have had a nice flight home and weren't too bored on the stop over and I hope you have a nice ride up north although it won't be very exciting due to the lack of potholes in the roads :P but I can't wait to come home I am going stir crazy in here! :(

    Love to you all and see you soon!

    Lotti xxx

  6. lotti! what on earth have you gone and done now!

  7. Hi Lotti,

    Still quiet here without you, Steph is going to log on to facebook, purhaps you might say hello!



  8. Lotti!
    did my first comment fail?
    did you send me a text?
    how are you?
    i need to see you in newcastle babe!!
    get well soon!
    cause your big sis misses you!
    xxxxxx love you

    Laura (:

  9. You big boob! i almost cried reading this!!!! hope everythings okay- im sure you can use this as a perfect excuse when your home to have everyone be your slaves! hope you get home safe :) Sam mack xxx

  10. lotti,
    oki this is on behalf of like everyone (eg alice n becca) saying get well soon we all miss you sooo much and you need to get better soon so you can come to forbidden corner with us!

  11. Any news on how you are progressing? Or when you might be able to come home?


  12. hi lotti, sorry for the late reply but ive just found out how to use this stupid thing, (epic fail), hope your feeling good i miss my big sis aswell, our disfunctional family has fallen apart without you so if you go to newcastle hospital we will come and visit you with laura and the rest of the motley crue, we tried to keep the banter up without you but it wasnt easy but im glad we got to talk to you in lusaka thugh on the phne is was good to know that you were feeling better, so hopefully see you soon, like at the hospital or AT A REUNION CAMP, (hints) :D goodbye for now big sister lotti

    jonny xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. yes i know there are two speling mistakes in that comment thanks to a non-functioning keyboard


  14. Hey, good to here from you Jonny!

    If all goes well i could be discharged this afternoon or first thing in the morning, so i will just have to see when the flights are! I am hoping to fly into newcastle airport aswell so we wont have to drive up from london! But i will see you before then because we have a family day outing, just you me laura and mummy karen! When she gets back! Maybe I should race her! Who will get back sooner?

    Anyway I will talk to you later!


    Lotti xxx

  15. i think you will get back first if you leave tomorow because karen and crew leave on friday i think so we will have to wait for mummy to get back before we can have a family outing, plus read my comment on the blog about being home again theres a proposal on there that you might be interested in participating in, also we discussed how much we miss moses i think you do aswell considering you missed half of his beautiful handy work (que laughter) his brickwork was a straight as laura :D speek soon