Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home Again

Hi All

For those of who have being looking at the blog who did not have young people involved in IX09.

After the Bus turned up at the Hot Springs 6 hrs late, we started on our return to the UK at midday Friday, because of the late start we did not arrive at Eureka campsite until 11.30pm Friday night after spending 11hrs in the Bus. Driving in the dark in Zambia is not what I would say is fun. A few of the leaders did not get to bed until 3.00am, after sorting out the last of the problems that were still outstanding before the group were able to go to the airport Saturday morning.

After the flight and the bus trip north , most were home by 5.00pm, after what was a very long trip.

IX09 has come to a end, but what a trip it has being. two years in the planing, training weekends, friendships made, classrooms build, young people able to stay at they local school in Zambia, young leaders for both Scouting and GB developed,

were next ! what next ! have we meet objectives - I think so.

All the members of IX09 will now move on, some into gap years, others to collage and university , the thought of returning to Zambia at some stage in the minds of many, taking part in other GB and Scouting events the goal for all.

That's what IX09 was all about. until the next time



  1. WE ROCK...


    guess who kids ;P

  2. cant believe its over already... a massive thankyou to all the people who have been involved in organising the trip =]


  3. IX09 Reunion anyone? :)


  4. i cant come to terms with being in england its

    and COLD
    i cant believe its over im having withdrall symptoms QUICK DOREEN HELP, i loved kapisha and i miss all the people there, mark, mel, hannah, even all of the bar staff, but most of all i miss MOSES (he says sarcasticly) i heat my bath up every night to 40 degrees to pretend its the hot-springs, using my building skills and i think i will get moses a plane ticke (just for that home comfort) im going to build a scale replica of the whole school in my back garden, anyone who wishes to help is welcome , everything will be as it was back in zambia the food the campsite and i will even put sand between my driveway and back garden to make a dirt road to the school any one fancy it, rofl :D,

    i also miss mummy karen, and (step) daddy paul and the huge disfunctional family ( it invovled every team member) but the imediate family is karens team ( the best team, team BLUE or COUGARS)and pauls team but there living it up with uncle david fionda in livingstone, lucky them. so whos going to organise the reunion camp then i dont think we can give you anymore hints guys just get it over with leaders it goin to have to happen sooner or later.
    so over and out until the next time guys
    missing you already


  5. jonny mate!
    i understand.
    i miss my foam matteress and sleeping bag
    even my jack wills bed cover doesnt make up for it

    i hate being clean!
    no dust tan!
    no mummy karen
    no blue team
    no gossip

    and worst?
    no swear word card games!
    whats that about!
    we need a reunuion asap
    i cant even text properly anymore
    and whats with this super fast internet connection?

    i miss (almost) EVERYONE!
    please lets go back
    and live there!
    i will share a house with moses!

    i even cooked spag bol for my family tonight
    zambia styleee
    with all the added flies!

    facebook anyone?
    laura (:
    miss you siblings!